Seven Eleven LIVE Hangout @ LEF Studios Uden

Friday, November 7th 2014, in collaboration with Soulgood and The Hangout Helper, Seven Eleven will organize their very first LIVE hang-out at LEF Studios in Uden (NL).

From 21h00 (Central European Time) bandmembers Are MC, Jewel, Dodge and Dice will tell the viewers about the upcoming releases and performances, and also about making a music video for the single Disco wasn’t good enough, which is going to be released on December 19th. During the hangout at LEF video footage will be recorded for the clip. Tune in on: Seven Eleven LIVE Hangout @ LEF Studios Uden


International Funk Out postponed

International Rocky Mountain Funk Out (event header)

Sunday June 15th we’ve received news from SJR Media Group in Denver that The International Rocky Mountain Funk Out, the festival where Seven Eleven was going to perform the first weekend of July, is postponed and will be rescheduled.

Biggest issue and obstacle for SJR Media was getting approval from Homeland Security to process the applications for the overseas bands!

Funk Out initiator Skip ‘the Funktologist’ Reeves explains to everyone who is connected to The International Rocky Mountain Funk Out why without international representation there can’t be an ‘International’ Funk Out:

“As many of you know, it has been a longtime desire of mine to put on a festival of this kind, to bring together an international community of funk music lovers! Mainstream media and especially radio has all but forgotten this genre of music, although it is an American Art Form, that has spread out all over the globe. The preparations for this event have been extensive. We have been able to gather the support of many networks from America and abroad that include radio networks, print and online magazines, record labels, newsletters, email blasts, independent websites, and forms of media. With a degree of disappointment and after much discussion and meetings with the key partners, I regret to inform all that we are going to have to postpone and reschedule this event.

The biggest issue and obstacle has been getting approval from Homeland Security to process the applications for the overseas bands! I made several phone calls 4-5 months ago inquiring about how long the process would take. I was told to contact our local immigration office. After another phone call to the local office and setting up a meeting online (which is the process we have to follow) I was told the approval process should take about two weeks. The application is very extensive, I had to download a 33 page application of which I did not understand how to fully complete it. This is the first time I have needed to get involved in such a process. I again set up another meeting to get help to accurately fill out the application. Once again I was told the process would only take two weeks. We got it filled out properly over two months ago. In the meantime I am in regular contact with the bands from out of America as they too have done extensive research with the American Consulates in their countries. We have been waiting for word from Homeland Security to give us the final documents of approval as we have needed to purchase airfare for all artists needing to come to Denver.

SJR Media Group, which is the primary company handling responsibility for overseeing this event, just recently received from Homeland Security more questions and many more documents they need to complete the approval process. By the time we get this information to them and get approval we will not be able to put this event on in time. So we have decided to postpone it. A tremendous amount of promotion has been reached with the help and support of so many networks around the globe. To date, over 20 countries and 40 states have looked at the funk out website. Emails and phone calls are still coming in asking us to go through with the event in July, but its not not practical at this point to do so.

There is no international funk out without international representation! Enough interest has been generated that even other cities are being considered to host an International Funk Out in the future! We will get with all artists involved and see what we can work out for rescheduling. Thank you all for such interest, support, and participation in this first time event that we will eventually make happen!!!”

Seven Eleven at International Rocky Mountain Funk Out!

For many years popular R&B funk and soul bands have performed in Europe with tremendous support! Why has not a similar reciprocation taken place? No doubt, the reasons are many. Funk is a Black American Art Form that has proliferated throughout the globe, resulting in many artists of various earthly locations to add and contribute their blend. They have spread their funk for decades all over Europe.

Inspired by the likes of James Brown, Sly Stone, P-Funk, GAP Band, Ohio Players, Kool & the Gang and other original American funk outfits, Europe started its own funk history in the seventies with the Average White Band from Scotland as foremost example. But also in other European countries funk started to root: Malka Family and FFF (France), Chakachas (Belgium), Barrabás (Spain), Supermax and Grand Slam (Germany), Heatwave, Olympic Runners and P-Theory (England), Houseband and in the eighties Gotcha! and Seven Eleven (The Netherlands), and also Stonefunkers and The Neon Romeoz (Sweden) to name just a few.

International Rocky Mountain Funk Out (event header)Now the time has come to mutually share the stage on American soil. International radio host Skip Reeves welcomes Seven Eleven from The Netherlands and The Neon Romeoz from Sweden to the first edition of an historic event: The International Rocky Mountain Funk Out!, which will be held on July 5th and 6th at Sculpture Park in Denver. Other artists performing at The International Rocky Mountain Funk Out! are: Brick, Con Funk Shun, Jennifer Batten, Karyn White, LA Sky & The Rick James Stone City Band Revue, The System and Dotsero.

Skip has been airing international funk for over 8 years now. His show, ‘A Funk Above The Rest’, receives on average over 200 new songs every week for airplay consideration – from all around the world! It only makes sense for Skip, along with his partners at MSE Radio Network to be the first to put on such a long overdue event!

Photo-shoot in Red Light District

Sunday the first of June photographer Nico Brons will be shooting pictures of Seven Eleven in the Red Light District of Amsterdam. Pictures of the band will be taken in famous and notorious nightclubs such as Casa Rosso and the Bananabar, but also in the Bethany Monastery and Bethany’s Jazz Club, which is situated in the basement of the former monastery since 2012. Nico photographed Seven Eleven earlier in 2013 at Amersfoort Jazz and in Le Trianon in Paris.

Bethany Jazz Club After the photo-shoot, and probably a tasteful diner in Chinatown, Seven Eleven is having a concert at Bethany’s Jazz Club.Doors will open for public at 20h00.

Although Seven Eleven’s head office is located in the heart of the Red Light District for years, it’ll be the band’s first performance in the neighborhood in a long time. The last time Seven Eleven played in the oldest and hottest part of town was in 1996, on Queensday, in front of the famous pub Old Sailor. A year later outdoor concerts on stages on this canal were no longer allowed.Seven Eleven @ Old Sailor 30-4-1996