R.I.P. Louis Johnson

Louis Johnson passed away. Shocking news and a great loss.

Through our friends Funk-O-Nots and Sandra Samplelady we’ve had the privilege meeting Louis in January 2009. Louis recorded a bas-intro for the Seven Eleven track ‘Disco wasn’t good enough’ and came to Uden to funk up a new Dodge track at Oh Jays Dope Lab.

Thank you Louis for all your inspiration and unforgettable memories.


Seven Eleven at Jazz in Duketown

It’s been a while since Seven Eleven played at Jazz in Duketown. We have to go back to 2002, 2003 and most recently in 2005. Ten years later, the energetic funk band is back on the stage of the biggest (free) jazz festival in the open air in the Netherlands. The event in the city of Den Bosch started out in 1962 and now attracts between 250,000 and 300,000 visitors a year.

Jazz in Duketown

Sunday May 24 Seven Eleven, with special guest trombone player Joe Bowie (Defunkt), will give a concert on the Parade, the main stage of the festival. Starting at 23h30. Other artists this year at Jazz in Duketown are: Candy Dulfer, New Cool Collective, rapper Typhoon, Bill Evans and Christian Mc Bride.

‘Heavy on the one’

Review Live in Uden en back to the Source in Writteninmusic“Back To The Source is heavy on the one. And whether it’s The One, Disco Was not Good Enough, Revival Of The Funk, Wham Bam! or Funky Anarchist, the titles of the tracks say more than enough. Or to quote uncle George Clinton once again: funk not only moves, it can remove dig. It’s just like that.”

Says Ron de Joode in his review of ‘Back to the Source’ for Writteninmusic.com.