Quotes on ‘Back to the Source’

“Catchy and danceable funk” (TV-Gazette)

“A wonderfull dry and yet full fat sound” (Lust For Life magazine)

“A group sound that is timeless” (Writteninmusic.com)

“The single ‘Disco was not good enough’ can compete with the current disco-funk hits by Chic feat. Nile Rodgers and Mark Ronson’s’ Uptown Funk (feat. Bruno Mars). For a band from Amsterdam and Uden that is kinda special” (Maxazine.nl)

“Funk formula worked out to perfection” (Eindhoven Dagblad)

“Seven Eleven funks like crazy on new album” (Cultuurpodium Online)

“Sounds nice and sexy” (Mpodia)

“Temperamental funk songs with light shades of soul, jazz and hip hop. Enough ammunition to start a tour.” (Popmagazine Heaven Edition Nov / Dec 2015)

Seven Eleven - Back to the Source

‘More attention for music projects’

“Although my raps are often about back in the days, I am someone who always keeps looking ahead at new projects and initiatives” says Seven Eleven rapper Are MC (in the ordinary life named Coen Grooten) in the Brabants Dagblad. With local friends Are MC started Musical Center Uden; a partnership network of independently operating parties in the music industry to encourage making more music in and around Uden.

Are MC in Brabants Dagblad © Van Assendelft