Wham Bam! remixed by DJ Maestro

DJ Maestro, who previously produced the acclaimed series Blue Note Trips for jazz label Blue Note, created a catchy remix of the track Wham Bam! taken from the album ‘Back to the Source’. Wham Bam! That’s the new single of Seven Eleven. The beautiful artwork of Wham Bam! was made by MVE Music Productions.

Wham Bam! remixed by DJ Maestro will first be presented as free download through Soundcloud during the 21th edition of the Amsterdam Dance Event (ADE), both the radio-edit and the extended version. The ADE is the leading electronic music platform and the biggest club festival in the world for the whole spectrum of electronic sub-genres. The festival starts October 19 in Amsterdam and will last until Sunday October 23.

Seven Eleven winner Colorado Rock Award 2016

We are happy and honored to announce that Seven Eleven won The Rock Award 2016 of the State Colorado in the category Global Eye Performance. Due to our absence at the award-show in Denver Skip ‘The Funktologist’ Reeves accepted the award on our behalf. We thank all our fans and supporters who voted for us to be nominated in the first place, and all the members of the jury to make the right choice. A special thanks goes out to Rock Awards-initiator Rockin’ Raven for holding on to a dream and funkmaster Skip Reeves, both true ambassadors of the Colorado music scene. Now it’s about time to come over to do some shows.

Colorado Rock Awards 2016

Are MC blogs for his hometown Uden

This week Coen Grooten a.k.a. rapper Are MC blogs for his hometown Uden. At the age of 7 Coen started playing drums at the Music School Uden and at the Wiebert. Later, in the early 80s, he was seized by the Hip Hop virus. MC-ing became his thing. Inspired by RUN-DMC Coen and his friends for life founded the rap group Dope Posse, and after that The Family Jewels. Meanwhile Are MC is the energetic frontman and rapper of Seven Eleven for 25 years. Want to see Are MC live in action? Friday September 2nd Seven Eleven performs at De Pul in Uden (NL).

Are MC backstage at Le Trianon Paris © 2013 Nico Brons
Photography © Nico Brons

7-1-1 on Soundcloud

7-1-1 on Soundcloud. P-Funk in 3D from the flatlands, inspired by George Clinton & Parliament/Funkadelic. 7-1-1 was produced by Rob Manzoli (Right Said Fred) and appears on the Seven Eleven album ‘Back to the Source’. Artwork by MVE Music Productions.

Tristan and Seven Eleven at De Pul

Friday September 2nd De Pul presents two concerts by excellent live bands that also enjoy popularity outside The Netherlands: Tristan and Seven Eleven.

Tristan en Seven Eleven in De Pul

The music of Tristan can best be described as ‘feel-good vintage Acid Jazz ‘ with funky guitars, fender Rhodes, cool synth sounds and a rhythm section whose members play together since 2000. This gives leadsinger Evelyn Kallansee a solid foundation to shine like never before. The music takes you directly back to that crazy seventies sound. TOTO guitarist/vocalist Steve Lukather is one of the many fans of Tristan. When he heard the music for the first time last year he said: “The best of the seventies brought` to 2015.”

Seven Eleven needs no introduction in Uden. Rapper Are MC and star bassist Dodge are well-known citizens. Last year Seven Eleven presented their eighth album ‘Back to the Source’ at the Melkweg in Amsterdam and toured in The Netherlands. When they played at the Late Summer Jazz Festival in Uden, Jazzism wrote: “Even more successful than Typhoon was Seven Eleven, an Amsterdam based funk band with roots in Uden. The battle who could play the best funk was won by Seven Eleven who did this brilliantly in a kind of home game with starring rapper Are MC and singer and dancer Jewl.” Also nothing but good reviews in the media about the new album by Seven Eleven. Seven Eleven is looking forward to present ‘Back to the Source’ at De Pul in September.

Quotes on ‘Back to the Source’

“Catchy and danceable funk” (TV-Gazette)

“A wonderful dry and yet full fat sound” (Lust For Life magazine)

“A group sound that is timeless” (Writteninmusic.com)

“The single ‘Disco was not good enough’ can compete with the current disco-funk hits by Chic feat. Nile Rodgers and Mark Ronson’s’ Uptown Funk (feat. Bruno Mars). For a band from Amsterdam and Uden that is kinda special” (Maxazine.nl)

“Funk formula worked out to perfection” (Eindhoven Dagblad)

“Seven Eleven funks like crazy on new album” (Cultuurpodium Online)

“Sounds nice and sexy” (Mpodia)

“Temperamental funk songs with light shades of soul, jazz and hip hop. Enough ammunition to start a tour.” (Popmagazine Heaven Edition Nov / Dec 2015)

Seven Eleven - Back to the Source